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New York, NY – Quantum Sponsor is a new influencer advertising platform giving digital advertisers the opportunity to connect with real people on social media (not just celebrities), and makes influencer advertising easy, efficient, and profitable. By using data-driven automation to match influencers with campaigns automatically and using a price algorithm to determine fair prices for influencer’s posts, Quantum Sponsor allows companies to safely and securely mass hire thousands of influencers with the click of a button.

Quantum Sponsor allows companies to create influencer campaigns, track results and analytics, and then receive a commission. Users first create a campaign by uploading creative content. They then select their target demographic in terms of location and audience, and are able to measure results and analytics by viewing influencer posts and engagements from the easy-to-use dashboard. Due to its ease of use, and high degree of automation, Quantum Sponsor provides advertisers with considerably lower prices for posts, and provides influencers considerably more offers than other platforms. Quantum Sponsor users receive commissions based on their total spending each month.

"I believe that anything is possible if you can make it easy. At Quantum Sponsor we want to give social media users the opportunity to earn money for the content they've created and the influence they've earned. So we make it easy. In doing so, we've also created an effective, cost saving tool for digital advertisers across all industries." – Founder, AJ Silverman.

The Quantum Sponsor platform is currently available for advertisers and Instagram users around the world, and can be accessed at

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